Faux Tin Ceiling Tile an Attractive Alternative

Faux tin ceiling tile is a great way to augment the attractiveness of your ceiling. The tiles simulate antique tin and come in various colors, patterns and finishes that will reflect nicely on you as well as your home.

Installation of faux tin ceiling tile is not as difficult as you might think. The tiles can be purchased in a tongue-and-groove, lightweight design that allows for easy placement with a ceiling adhesive. You will definitely want to measure your ceiling before you purchase the tile so you get the proper amount of coverage without having to make a needless second trip to your ceiling tile supplier. Using a 24” x 24” tile is good idea for larger rooms and you may want to go with a 12″ x 12″ tile for smaller areas. Be sure to add an additional 10% for the partial tiles that will be needed in areas not requiring a full tile. Also noteworthy is that many of these tiles can also be used for wall coverage and backsplashes.

If you are planning on installing the faux tin ceiling tile yourself, you will need several tools. Depending on the type of tile and the method of installation for that particular type, you will require certain tools from the list that follows: ceiling tile, nails, glue gun, steel tape, ladder, furring strips, stapler, folding rule, caulking gun, border molding, straight edge, handsaw, staples, chalk line, utility knife, graph paper, hammer, hand cleaner, ceiling tile adhesive, measuring tape, safety glasses, and tracing paper. Be sure to check where you are purchasing the tile from in regards to the exact tools you’ll need. If you are able to get a helping hand with your installation that should make the project a bit easier and quicker.

When it comes to cost, for the enhanced aesthetics to your ceiling, the savings compared to more expensive metal ceiling tile, and the ease of installation the faux tin ceiling tile depending upon the design and style you choose can be obtained for well under $10.00 dollars a 12” x 12” tile. Which might be very appealing, especially to the capable do-it-yourselfer.

Faux tin ceiling tile comes in a variety of colors, styles and designs and when you figure in the cost and ease of use it certainly has advantages that you should consider.