How to Install Ceramic Tile – Proven Steps to Success

You can quickly learn how to install ceramic tile and have stunning success with your project. Sure installing tile is usually left to the pros. But with the right tips, most people can build beautiful surfaces. It’s just a matter of getting the right tools and learning how to prepare the surfaces and put the tile in place. Following are the four basic steps for getting tile installed the right way.

Gathering the materials is the first step. Now materials includes getting the few basic tools required for tile installation. There are just a few special tools required. The most important tools you don’t already have are the tile cutting tools. That would include tile nippers, maybe a tile cutter board and usually a tile saw. You can rent a saw or start with a very inexpensive saw too.

The other part of gathering materials is deciding on the tile you will use and how much tile you need. That may be the hardest part of the whole project. That’s because you have so many tile choices. After you decide how much tile you need, you’ll know how much tile adhesive and grout you’ll need too. Your tile supplier can help you figure quantities of all the materials. Once you have your materials you’re ready to get started with the installing.

An important preparation step is getting the base for the tile solid and clean. A surface that moves will cause cracked tiles. Often the easiest way to get a solid smooth surface is to put down cement board. But that’s not necessary since tile can be installed over many different materials. Once you have your materials and your surface preparation done, the actual installation is not very hard.

Laying the first tile is the hardest part. That’s because the position of the first tile determines how much cutting of tiles you’ll do. It also determines how straight the joint lines will be. Getting the tiles lined up correctly will make for a neat installation. The best way to get the lines straight is to use your chalk line early and often. Actually setting the tiles involves some art. Setting tile is easiest if you gently twist the tiles into position. You don’t want to drop the tiles into place or slide the tile into place either. Make sure you have enough mud on the tile so you have a little extra so you can bump the individual piece into place.

Once the tiles are in place, the grouting of the joints goes quickly. Grout does come in several types. Whether you choose sanded or unsanded grout depends on the size of the joint. Another option is using epoxy grout where the tile is in a constantly wet place. After the grout sets briefly, it is easily cleaned to finish the job.

You can learn how to install ceramic tile with the right instruction and some practice. There’s no reason why you can’t do a professional looking job on your first project. There are quite a few tricks to learn to make it easier to lay tile.